I can really tell the difference after using this (Filler Up Eye Primer)!! I never put on any type of primer, especially on my eyes. My makeup Glides on with this and Lasts. My New Favorite Product!” Terry

 I have been a huge fan of Alexis’ for years. I had always hoped to have her personally do a makeover for me but I was just never able to make it out to CA. This kit (Make Me Over Kit) really is the next best thing to having Alexis do my makeup personally. The first few times it did take a little longer than my usual daily routine but by the third day I did not have to reference the book as much if at all. The book is written beautifully – very easy to follow – the pictures are great and really make it very easy to duplicate the looks. The products themselves are AMAZING!! The brushes are very high quality. My normal makeup, I would have to constantly touch-up throughout the day – not with these products (other than a little powder or gloss). I look as good as I do in the a.m. when I first applied my make-up at the end of the day. I am totally hooked. For the first time in years I feel beautiful. Totally worth the investment into yourself.”

“My favorite MakeUp ever! ❤❤❤ wink emoticon.” Oksana R.

“I have been patiently waiting for this arrival. You can tell Alexis is an artist at heart – the colors are simply gorgeous and enhances a woman’s natural beauty. From the eye colors, the lips, blush. You just look gorgeous. The Delete Delete Concealer is the best I have used, because it works ! I was hesitant of the foundation, but its like a creamy silk that just melts into your own skin making it flawless. The powder is like invisible perfection. The book is a welcome addition to help you explore all your new products and what they can do . However let me say, I have had a lot of makeup in my lifetime (a girls prerogative =) and nothing compares to her products. You will really feel like a Movie Star… People stop and look at me after using her products. The bag this comes in is ingenious too with its compartments for each section of the face (and great for travel!). How cool is that ? Every girl needs this in her life.”

Best Products – Your Colors are AMAZING! Every shade is perfection! The phantom pudgy pencil is my favorite product of all time.” Vonda T.

I just got my Kit (Make Me Over Kit) in the mail last week and I am ADDICTED. I can’t wait to do my makeup each morning and I can notice how much better I am getting each time I sit down to do it. At first I needed the book every day and each time I would do my makeup, but now I can do a lot of the parts by memory! I get so many compliments now when I go out and I feel so much better and this is truly what I have to thank! The colors all work so great with my skin – I have been mixing the foundations a bit because I feel like I am a little bit tan right now since I just got back from vacation and it looks great. I am so excited and my next purchase will be the Cleopatra pencil and a halo highlighter.” 🙂

This kit is Amazing!!! It gave me everything I need and how to use everything. I was so bad at doing makeup but after reading the book and using the products, I feel like I look so much better every time I leave the house.”

I have been waiting forever for this new line to be released. It really does what is promised. My skin looked really great, almost airbrushed. It feels great on too. I’m just waiting for one of her new lip stains to be released and I will be ordering that and a few other additions. Love this kit and the way I feel when I wear it. Thanks Alexis.”

Absolutely a MUST have for every woman! Something that u cannot find anywhere else with any other brands. The book, the quality and the color of the products, with such a price is just unbelievable!!! Thank U Alexis Vogel for giving us all your celebrity secrets that you’ve worked super hard for so many years in such details and beauty.”

So many products to work with and the book makes it easy for me to learn how to apply — I’m not intimidated by the brushes & “tools” since the photos explain everything! I’ve received so many compliments already. A great value and I’m telling all of my gal-pals and suggesting to my guy pals that they consider this as a gift for their special lady :-).”

“An amazing kit that gives outstanding results!! The quality of every single item is fantastic, the book is extremely easy to follow and gives tremendous tips and ideas. This kit definitely gives you a make over of a life time and from now on i will only ever be using this make up as it out shines ALL other brands!

I love the way this kit is organized in a stylish case (there’s different sections in the case for different parts of your face) which helps you keep every thing organized.

The shades of foundation, blush, lip sticks and liner all match perfectly, the foundation duo colors are lovely and the foundation is like no other I’ve tried! You only need a little and it covers so perfectly there is hardly any need for concealer!

I can not tell you how happy I am to have finally found a perfect product that actually does what it says and more!! There really is no other make up and book like this out there and I can not thank Alexis enough for producing such fabulous products that change peoples lives!” xx

I just adore my new make up!! Alexis Vogel is the bomb… !!! I’m telling you!!! GO GET YOURS!!!… I GOT MINE!!!! I finally found something that really works for me… I have spent hundreds of dollars and NOTHING worked until now!!!!!! HINT: the more natural light, the better!!!!!!”

I’m looking at your “kit” and the thought elegant and sophisticated come to mind. Super-thrilled for you and big kudos for chasing down your version of the American Dream!”

I just stocked up on a ton of Alexis’s products – I ordered some of my long time favorites, but branched out and ordered some new ones. Can’t wait to try them! I have said this before and I will say it again – Alexis’s products are the best of the best. I am a makeup “snob” (lol) and have tried ALL of the high-end brands. For anyone who is still skeptical of Alexis’s products and are questioning the quality vs. price, I am here to tell you that her products are of the highest quality and are very much worth the price point. These products will give you that flawless, glamorous face you are after and the staying power is out of this world! I apply her products in the a.m. and they last through all of my activities, including getting sweaty at the gym (I go to the gym on my lunch break at work, so yes, I often work out with a full face of makeup). Also, these products are highly pigmented, so they tend to last for a very long time as you don’t need to gook them on like you do with other brands. Try these products and Alexis’s techniques – they are total game changers and do not disappoint! Proud to be an Alexis devotee and product addict since 2002!!!! And no…she is not paying me to say these things.”

I received my Pamela Bombshell Collection and tried it out yesterday. Love, love, love it! I ordered the nude kit but also ordered the lip products from the pink kit separately. It is truly gorgeous makeup! I am a longtime veteran of Alexis’s products and have applied her techniques for years. Whether you are looking for a natural daytime look or full on glam, Alexis has the products for you. I have received so many compliments on my makeup and often get asked if I am a professional makeup artist. While I am no Pro, using Alexis’s techniques and products make me look like I am. Also, I have extremely sensitive eyes and skin overall, rosacea, and am prone to clogged pores and her products have never caused me any issues. Can’t say enough about how much I love Alexis and truly appreciate her sharing her skills with the world.” Dianna P.

Dear Alexis, We loved the makeup. Arielle took much of it, including the book grrr…The products are incredibly good!!! Both Arielle an I are super impressed. Nice job. I hope you are doing well and so proud of you!! Big Hugs.” Deborah

BEST MAKEUP ARTIST IN THE WORLD – For Our Wedding!! Dear Alexis, I am writing to thank you for traveling to San Francisco with your team to do my makeup and hair for my Wedding. This has been one of my life-long dreams, to have you at my Wedding and to have your special talents to give me that beautiful glamour look for my Wedding. You are the Best Makeup Artist in the World, No-One Can Match your Talents. We are so thrilled with the beautiful custom look that you created for me, taking care of all of the details and making me feel so special while getting my makeup done. And it was so wonderful to have you stay and be a part of the Wedding and Reception, you are family now! I can’t thank you enough, it was a Dream Come True. Thank you for making my wedding day so special!” Love, Ana and Lloyd

THANK YOU! So sorry for the delay in response… Just got a minute to sit down and process everything! Alexis is the world’s TOP make-up artist. She is UNPARALLELED. She takes the standard in glamor and blows it out of the water! I was in such awe of her the whole time she worked with me. Here is this gorgeous glamorous woman imparting her glamor science on me! She was WONDERFUL to work with, encouraging me and coaching me!!! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Thank you for Alexis and her “A-Team” for making my wedding day fantasies come true! I hope you guys enjoyed your stay here in NY and your other project went great! I cannot thank you enough! Thank you for being so wonderful! The pics you guys sent me are off the charts GORGEOUS!!! No other Wedding Photographer can touch what the “A-Team” does. Can’t wait to hear from you soon!” Ricky (One deliriously happy Bride!)