About the Artist

It’s quite possible that glitter runs thru her veins — Alexis’ sparkling personality and heart of gold shimmer as brilliantly as does her spectacular client list, which appears to read as a who’s who of Hollywood royalty! Her luminous resumé includes Pamela Anderson, Sharon Stone, Denzel Washington, Carmen Electra, Kelly Clarkson, Camille Grammar, Paula Abdul, Gwen Stefani, Anna Nicole Smith, Leah Remini, Jennifer Lopez, Shakira and her list goes on and on. Alexis’ awesome fans enjoy thinking of her as a legendary, makeup artist rockstar!
From movies, television, magazines, commercials, music videos, and personal appearances, Alexis has not only done it, she has remained on the leading edge of it. Her sheer talent and extreme passion for her industry is highly respected, and her work has admirably inspired many of her fellow peers. Possibly more than enhancing and creating the beautiful looks is how rewarding it is to see the boost of confidence and the joy it brings to her her clients.
It’s fascinating that Alexis knew from a young age that her passion for helping others was certainly what led her to discovering what she was born to do. She is highly recommended to the patients of plastic surgeons and psychiatrists alike for post-surgical makeup lessons, and is praised for helping these people in restoring confidence with their appearance. With Alexis’ incredible talent in creating looks on both Hollywood stars in front of the camera, and for anyone behind the camera, it’s clear to see that becoming a makeup artist was her destiny!
Of course, Alexis enjoys teaching and sharing her expertise with her clients. This is why she has poured all her knowledge into creating her makeup line and enthusiastically wrote the best makeup instruction book ever! Alexis wholeheartedly wants to help everyone via her makeup line and instruction book to easily improve their skills at applying their own makeup. She wants to share her famous secrets & techniques with you, answer your beauty questions, and show you how much fun it can be to look fabulous!