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Wearing Alexis Makeup

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Following the fallout of a messy divorce, the sex icon is back—and confronting middle age head-on in a new short film. “Getting older isn’t the end,” she says in a revealing interview. Read Full Article

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Catch Alexis on “The Wendy Williams Show”


Pamela announces her new shoe line and the new Bombshell Collection. Alexis will be there to talk Makeup.

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YouTube Color Swatches – Swatches of the new Pamela Bombshell Collection.

2/14/2016 Review, Swatches, Before/After


Alexis Vogel – Pamela Bombshell Makeup Collection 2016 – Pink Read Review – Pamela Anderson announces new Bombshell Collection.


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Alexis Vogel Featured in New Beauty Magazine!


This sexy and youthful makeover was featured in the Spring 2015 Issue of New Beauty Magazine.

Pamela Anderson for Mykro Magazine


Alexis did the Makeup and Hair for Pamela Anderson for the Spring 2015 Edition of MYKRO Magazine.

Catch Alexis on “EXTRA”!


Celebrity makeup artist Alexis Vogel gives “Extra” some great tips on how to perfectly apply your eye makeup, from the winged eyeliner look to smoky eyes!

To achieve the winged eyeliner look, Vogel uses her cake retro eyeliner mixed with water, which she calls “goof proof,” as opposed to liquid eyeliner, which can be trickier to apply.

As for smoky eyes, Vogel uses her Alexis Vogel special shadow shaper tool, and the results are amazing!

Check out the video!

Fall Makeup Tips From Alexis Vogel on KCAL!


Beautify yourself for fall!

Makeup artist Alexis Vogel visited the KCAL9 studios Monday to share the top looks this season.

Famous clients includes Pamela Anderson, Sharon Stone, Denzel Washington, Carmen Electra, Kelly Clarkson, Camille Grammar, Paula Abdul, Gwen Stefani, Anna Nicole Smith, Leah Remini, Jennifer Lopez and Shakira. Watch it here!

Cheryl Hines on “The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson”


Alexis dolled up the stunning Cheryl Hines for her appearance on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson!

See her interview here

Alexis’s Interview with Monsters and Critics!


Alexis Vogel is synonymous with glamour and perfection. Her past clients Sharon Stone, Linda Evangelista, Pam Anderson, Kelly Clarkson, Shakira, Paula Abdul all demand perfectly crafted bombshell looks that are essential to maintaining their overall brand and reputation as leading beauty icons. Vogel established herself as the “go to woman” behind Hollywood’s most beautiful faces and she has created her own makeup line Alexis Vogel Makeup, bringing professional quality products sold at

Vogel’s eyes are legendary. Her sculpted brows and intensely shaded eyes framed with lush lashes make her one of the most sought after make-up artists in the world, and has been for the past twenty years. The Emmy awards last night were all about these powerful balances of eyes and lips. The perfectly shaded eyes and attention to detail in filling the brows, the build of color in shadows and liner at the eyelashes and adding fullness to the lash-line is what separates an ordinary makeup from a red carpet look. Alexis dished on her favorite looks from last night’s Emmy Awards:

Actress Taylor Schilling:

“I loved her style and look. The dress was simple but very stylish, youthful but still a great shape on her body and the color was just right for her skin tone, sexy but clean and fresh. Her hair was also classic but still playful and fun! As to match her personality. Now the makeup was just right for the entire look, it was not over or underdone. The colors were very neutral, but not like she just got out of bed. She was continuity from head to toe, dress, hair and makeup all just right! Priceless.”

Actress Lena Headey:

“This is a very modern, elegant, tasteful, dramatic style… and I love modern as well with her sexy, sassy short hair, but the good news is it was not masculine! Perfect makeup too, it was clean but very fashion forward to match the entire vibe. Excellent, like a Chanel look but younger and cool. Classy, sexy is good for her age it was so appropriate!”

Actress Sofia Vergara:

“Very flirty but elegant bombshell dress and look all in one! Loved her look very much with the Bardot retro 1960’s hairdo. Makeup was classic red lips they were very movie starlet. I loved her soft smokey eyes. She did need some serious brow grooming in my humble opinion to help her natural beauty come through even more! Her brows overpower her stunning face and personality.” Spending years considering exactly what an average woman needs to recreate these star looks, Vogel’s line is manufactured in the United States with absolutely no animal testing or any harsh chemicals like parabens.

Alexis Vogel’s OK! TV Interview


Check out Alexis’s interview and actress Erica Leerhsen’s celebrity transformation on OK! TV. Watch it here!

Make Me Over Alexis:


After years of reinventing her cosmetic line, makeup guru Alexis Vogel has struck gold – lips, that is. Alexis recently introduced her Make Me Over Kits, but what’s the difference between these kits and her past collection? Well, she tells all this time. This collection has a sneaky little booklet that takes you inside the brain of a mastermind. I was able to catch up with Alexis to find out why she chose to give away her secrets, to try the makeup myself, and to, of course, tell you everything.

Alexis Vogel is no new kid on the block, she has been perfecting faces for decades, and now she’s giving back. She started doing makeup when she was thirteen years old and began working professionally as an artist at the age of seventeen. Her father, a master artist of oil painting and lighting expert in the film industry, influenced her career both intellectually and creatively. Alexis revealed that she would always see the beautiful models being photographed by her father and was intrigued, but wasn’t always dead-set on being a makeup artist. At a young age, Alexis rode horses and brought home more medals than she can count. Now, instead of receiving medals, Alexis wants to hand some out to her fans and upcoming makeup artists looking to achieve that signature look.

For the first fifteen years of her illustrious career, she had to guard her coveted methods from competing makeup artists and bystanders on set. They were all trying to catch a glimpse of her sought-after techniques to either sell them to publications or imitate them for their own gain. So, like a lioness protecting her cubs, she locked it down! At the time, her secrets and techniques were her life-blood. Now, after developing her own cosmetics line, she finally felt comfortable letting the world in on her best-kept secrets.

“I finally figured out that paying it forward is the only way. I am me, Alexis, with my own hand and signature. Nobody helped me get a start, but that doesn’t mean I should be selfish. I’ve embraced my natural skills as a teacher and have decided to share my trade with pros and non-pros alike,” said Alexis.

Alexis created and wrote her new book called “Alexis Vogel Celebrity Makeup: Professional Secrets & Techniques.” She refers to it as a “labor of love”. In the book, we learn how to create four types of looks that are all transitional. The looks are Natural, Career, Kat Eye and, what would the book be without her signature Smoky Eye, which became Pamela Anderson’s signature look.

I can honestly say that the book seemed very intimidating at first glance. You see gorgeous girls with perfectly applied makeup and you wonder, “How am I going to accomplish this on my own?” I, for one, have always had a tough time applying makeup and having it turn out the way I envisioned. But once I dove into the context, my doubts were overcome with confidence. The booklet is very specific and there is magic in the kit in the form of Alexis’s signature Shadow Shaper. This little four-sided piece of cloth is the solution to any worries you might have. Alexis’s makeup booklet definitely tells all, but in the best way possible! Thank you, Alexis, for sharing your gift with the world!

– Kiera Renee

Alexis Judges the Miss Hollywood Image Pageant!


Alexis will be a special celebrity judge and sponsor at the Miss Hollywood Image 2014 pageant this Sunday, July 20th! Be your best possible self when traveling with Alexis Vogel’s help


I’ve been thinking a lot about first impressions and lasting impressions lately. Between traveling on press trips around the world where people make a snap judgment right there and then, to the people who knew you decades ago and formed their opinions way back when. You see other people get opportunities that you don’t for no other reason than they looked a certain way at a certain moment. It’s all well and good to think to yourself, “I know I clean up pretty well,” but when people catch you off-guard when you’re doing errands, waiting for a bus or whatever, are you a heart breaker? I hope you are. If you’re not — like, if you no longer have it in you or just don’t know what to do to create a more glamorous self while traveling or just be-bopping around your own neighborhood — there’s Alexis Vogel to the rescue. I was very happy to be hosted to experience her system!

Alexis Vogel has been one of Hollywood’s premier makeup artists for decades, doing more Playboy magazine work than any other makeup artist, creating Pam Anderson’s look that ballooned her careers, as well as creating the glam public personas of people like Carmen Electra, Camille Grammer, Paula Abdul, Gwen Stefani, the late Anna Nicole Smith, Jennifer Lopez. Do you remember her infomercials that used to be on tv years ago? I watched them with the fascination of a mad scientist. Sitting alone in my apartment, single, I saw the stunning transformations of women ranging in age, color, shapes and sizes and thought . . . well, this is what I really thought: “I’d better get my sh@$ together!” I ordered some of her products and, hey! I’ve been married almost a decade now.

You’ve gotta be your best you. I have a couple of friends who think it’s somehow funny to look a mess, but get sad when they don’t get acknowledged the way they think they should. They don’t take proper time for themselves and therefore, nobody else does, either.

Now, traveling and looking well is a challenge, no doubt. Because Alexis Vogel is always globe-trotting herself, she has been able to create a thoughtful, well-edited collection that’s perfectly packed for traveling. The only things you need to add for a great presentation are a sharpener and a little perfume vial. Of course, she has other extras available that you can fit in there for additions to your look. Her products are completely re-vamped from what they were years ago.

The quality of the products and tools is phenomenal. I’ve been working with makeup for 30 years. I have 4 separate medicine cabinets of my favorite makeup, with drawers of others. Some of my brushes cost over $100. These products run shoulder to shoulder with the very best.

You pick your shade — light, medium or dark. Within those kits, concealers, foundations and brow pencils come in a couple of colors, so it’s pretty forgiving. Colors are super neutral, neither cool nor warm, so they’ll work with whatever you’re wearing.

Alexis has a book that details how you can re-create four of her signature looks. In the photos, they mostly seem very dramatic to my eye. When I saw the “Career” look, I shook my head, wondering just what kind of career that would be for. However, I am convinced that the photos were done with a heavier hand, for illustrative purposes. The thing is, the makeup itself is sheer, buildable and in soft colors. The looks are wearable.

The makeup case has four snap-off sub-compartments, all organized. If you take some time to learn what’s in which part — and it’s all pretty intuitive, if you know about makeup — then you’ll find you’re very organized while traveling. If you’re in a situation where every inch and ounce counts, like in a helicopter or while hiking, just snap off one compartment and take the basics.

-Tamar Fleishman

Alexis on


Celebrity makeup artist Alexis Vogel is famous for her “sex kitten” look – she’s worked with sultry stars including Pamela Anderson, Carmen Electra, Paula Abdul, Jennifer Lopez, Kelly Clarkson, Shakira and more. She’s been called a “Svengali-like makeup artist” by Harper’s Bazaar and styled makeup for more Playboy cover stars than anyone.

Alexis has distilled her signature look, tips and tricks into her new Make Me Over Kit. The comprehensive kit features 18 products and 11 accompanying tools, as well as a book featuring detailed, step-by-step instructions to create four variations on Alexis’s signature look. I tried out the kit and talked with Alexis to find out more.

“My makeup kit is more of a lifestyle, or a way of life, than a makeup line,” Alexis told me. “It’s professional quality but easy to use.”

Not counting the makeup bag and the instruction book – titled “Celebrity Makeup: Professional Secrets & Techniques” — the kit includes 18 products as well as numerous sponges, brushes and shapers. At first glance, the kit could seem overwhelming for beauty beginners; I had never used brow grooming gel before!

Luckily, the book is more than helpful. Featuring full color illustrations, detailed instructions and extra tips, the book is completely necessary to get the best experience out of the kit. Practice helps, too!

“I created this makeup kit because I want each woman to feel empowered by creating the look herself,” Alexis said, adding that the both beginners and professional makeup artists can use the kit.

“If, each day, a woman reads the book and follows it, she’ll turn into a makeup artist without even knowing it,” she promised.

The book includes instructions for face, brows and a glossy, pale pink, lip – but the focus here is definitely on the eyes. Alexis includes four variations of her signature look, each growing progressively darker and sexier: Natural Eyes, Career Eyes, Kat Eyes and Smoky Eyes.

“Natural, but a pretty natural, not like you just got out of bed – it’s Alexis natural,” Alexis said of the Natural look.

Although the Smoky Eye, for example, may seem a little sultry for everyday wear, Alexis assures me that everyone can have fun with the looks – and the book includes helpful tips on how to soften for a more subtle look.

One thing to note: the kit provides a very specific beauty look – dramatic, sexy eyes and a pale pink, glossy lip. If you’re yearning after Lorde’s minimal eyes and goth lipstick or Taylor Swift’s retro eyes and bold, matte red lip, this kit isn’t for you (though individual products might be). If Shakira’s or JLo’s sexy style is more your thing, go for it!

“I teach women to be beautiful and soft but still in a sexy way. It’s to enhance their own beauty,” Alexis said.

Alexis’s Make Me Over Kit is valued at $667 and is currently available on for $299 until the end of the month. Products can also be purchased individually.

Alexis on


Color for Lips and Cheeks

For the handful of lip glosses, sticks, balms and stains you’ve been hoarding inside your makeup bag, celebrity makeup artist Alexis Vogel suggests a single product that’ll give you long-lasting color instantly.

The fix: “You can’t go out without a little lip color, so I’d recommend a stain,” says Vogel. “You don’t need to use lip liner with a stain, and you can enhance the shape of your lips.” Opt for one with a gloss to it (like the Stay Pout Liquid Lip Stain or Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Gloss Stain) that will stay on all day so you won’t have to reapply it.” The genius of a product like this is you can also use it on your cheeks.

Pamela Anderson At the World Music Awards in Cannes


Color for Lips and Cheeks

Hair and makeup by Alexis Vogel!

Alexis on Lou Pizarro’s Repo Radio Morning Show


Listen to Alexis’ segment on Lou Pizarro’s Repo Radio Morning show featuring the latest in sports and entertainment!

BeautyStat.Com Review of Make Me Over Kit

2/19/2014’s Beauty Expert Erin Sutera’s reivew of the Make Me Over Kit.

I was so excited when this eye and lip kit from Alexis Vogel came acros smy desk. Who is Alexis Vogel? You might be asking. She is the makeup guru who made women across America want to have those sultry eyes and perfectly-pouty lips like Pamela Anderson.

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Kym Douglas’ Beauty Gadget Must-Haves


Hallmark Channel’s “Home & Family” beauty expert Kym Douglas featured her top Beauty Must haves!

Get a perfect skin tone match, learn how to put your makeup on, and get Alexis Vogel’s premier line of products that she actually uses on celebrities like Sharon Stone, Denzel Washington, Kelly Clarkson, Gwen Stefani, Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, for less than department store prices. The Alexis Vogel Make Me Over Kit retails for $667.00. You can get the kit at, and the price of the Kit is $50 less now and ongoing it is $349.00 not $399.00.



Makeover Monday: New Year, New You

On this episode of Hallmark Channel’s “Home & Family”, caretaker Marianna Griffin, 49, from La Quinta, CA has ditched her scrubs for the first dress she’s worn in more than a year! Debbie Matenopoulos treats her friend to a day of pampering. The glam squad, including celebrity makeup artist Alexis Vogel, works feverishly to enhance Marianna’s natural beauty. When she catches a glimpse of her revitalized look, Marianna can’t believe her eyes. Plus, she doesn’t walk away empty handed. She goes home with a gift basket of Mitch Stone hair and Alexis Vogel Makeup products!

Moms Gone Zen with Celebrity Makeup Artist Alexis Vogel: Go Holiday Glam!


Watch Moms Gone Zen with Celebrity Makeup Artist Alexis Vogel: Go Holiday Glam!

Alexis Vogel in the 2013 American Music Award Official Program


Alexis Vogel in the 2013 American Music Award Official Program

Your Beauty Industry


Alexis Vogel The Hands Behind the Faces of Hollywood

Written By Christina Mirabella

As the makeup artist behind Pamela Anderson’s “sex kitten” signature look, the onetime makeup director behind Fox’s American Idol, and undoubtedly the most famous graduate of the Joe Blasco Makeup Academy, Alexis Vogel is a force to be reckoned with to say the least. From movies and television, to magazines, commercials, and music videos, you name it, Alexis has not only done it, but she most likely pioneered it. Her client list reads a regular who’s who of Hollywood royalty that includes but is not limited to: Pamela Anderson, Sharon Stone, Denzel Washington, Carmen Electra, Kelly Clarkson, Camille Grammar, Paula Abdul, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Anna Nicole Smith, Jenna Jameson and Leah Remini. Vogel is easily one of the most highly respected and sought after artists in the business. Her hard work, dedication, and passion for her industry have inspired hairstylists and makeup artists alike.

Throughout her career, this former Olympic Equestrian team member has done the makeup for more Playboy centerfolds and covers than anyone else. With a personality that sparkles almost as much as the glitter that runs thru her veins, and talent that is second to none, Alexis knew from a young age that helping people was her calling in life. As a licensed EMT who studied at UCLA, Vogel is known & highly praised for helping patients who have undergone plastic and reconstructive surgeries in an effort to help them restore their confidence. Alexis has been recommended to many by plastic surgeons and psychiatrists alike. As the secret weapon behind so many of Hollywood’s faces, Alexis Vogel is a makeup rock star whose name will not be forgotten anytime soon. The world is anxiously awaiting the Spring 2013 release of her very own cosmetic line followed by the release of her step-by-step instructional book. After speaking with Alexis, it is abundantly clear that she is full of life, talent, and compassion for others. By simply reading the following quote, it is easy to see that she is most definitely in the field she was born and destined to be in!

Maybe you’ll never make the Grammy Awards. Maybe you’ll never make a movie or a magazine cover. But you can still ‘star’ in your own life. The secret is bringing out your own natural beauty. Because when you do, you bring out more than just good looks. You bring out your own natural confidence, too. I’ve dedicated my career to giving clients ‘star-quality’ confidence. Alexis Vogel

CM: What do you think is the key to being a successful MUA?

AV: Focus, a passion bigger than life, dedication and being able to be completely selfless! To be able to not only SEE beauty in every single person, but to be able to bring it out too. Enhance them but don’t change your subject! You must be willing to eat, breathe and sleep makeup 24/7!

Never stop learning, creating or admiring…

CM: In your opinion, what are some of the biggest mistakes aspiring MUA’s make? AV: They don’t practice enough, because there is no such thing! Learn to check your ego at the door. Never be late, ever!! If anything I always arrive early to a job! Be a great listener, be classy at all times and have a clean image. It is not cool to try and look cool! Huge mistake. Clients and your subjects want to know you are a professional not a “wanna-be”, so never look too overdone with your own makeup either! That can be super tacky. Learn your own signature look. In other words, always create never imitate. That is how you BECOME!
CM: Is there one must have makeup product you need for ALL jobs?
AV: No never just one, too many staples! If I had to say one it would be “The Kitchen Sink!” Could that be considered a product?! ONE product, this is the hardest question anybody has ever asked me wow! Hmm I’m thinking – Concealer!! That’s it! A must have for men, women, and even children. If you can only have one product, you mught as well be you minus the dark circles or under- eye issues we all have!
CM: What is one of the most rewarding things about your job?
AV: All of it! I love every single thing about doing makeup on anybody!! It is so life changing for many people empowering them and letting them see a side to them they only imagined in their dreams. You make it a reality in the mirror for them. Making people feel powerful, stronger and more beautiful can help their self esteem. They work better and may meet that special person as they are feeling anew with their new self!
CM: Who/What inspires you as an artist?
AV: I will try to keep this a bit simpler if I can- Hmm…I love Leonardo DaVinci # 1 favorite since I was about 6 years old. My father was a master Oil Painter too and very similar style to DaVinci. I watched him and studied my father. From when I was about 3 years and up I was obsessed with his palette of oil paints all the colors were so fascinating to me. My 1st business card for makeup artistry had a palette on it, it just stuck with me! Yes I do paint, but I enjoy faces more they are alive with a real heart!
CM: Knowing what you know now, and having the experience you do, what advice would you give yourself 10 years ago?
AV: Take some days off. I never did. I am a full blown workaholic. That is so obvious. I give my all to my clients and my craft. So I would have to say a bit more balance and take a bit more time for Alexis- I never really did. I missed out on many family functions, which haunts me a bit now. Try to do some of the things I loved to do like sing, act and just try some new things too- maybe learn new outlets of FUN. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE LOVE LOVE my life and my art and it’s what I do best- but I think I forgot about me most of the time. I gave my all to my craft. Being on sets and around such wonderful talented people, actors, celebs and the “A List” lifestyle of traveling all over the world in the finest hotels, locations, 1st class everything really is amazing. I do not regret anything at all so please don’t mistake this question for any regrets- I am now learning to do more things for myself. I am making up for some of the things I never stopped to do or try for me. It is all good !! Life is beautiful! Work hard / Play hard that is what I have learned!
CM: Are there any particular trends in hair and MU right now that you absolutely despise? AV: YES, over done heavy handed makeup looks that are too Drag Queen for women- that makes them look too hard. Hard is not feminine. I loved working on Ru Paul’s Drag Race Season #5 it was amazing, but I do think women must be careful when they try to achieve some of these looks, { what might make a man look hot, is Theatrical makeup done on purpose to make a man into a woman} it takes A LOT of makeup!! My advice is; “Don’t Try this at home ladies”!!! Less is more in my humble and professional opinion! And always BLEND, BLEND, BLEND! No hard lines or liner for brows.
CM: What is one mistake you think the average woman makes when applying her makeup?
AV: Great question here! Easy, most women truly have no idea what techniques to use, because nobody ever taught them. Think about it, we all watched our mothers applying their makeup, so that is pretty much how we learned and got/get stuck in a rut… “Their rut”. I love to teach women technique and I have a new instructional book coming out this summer! It is Step by Step styles and professional techniques (most of which I designed and my signature looks) to make it all simple and goof proof for each individual! It is very universal, no matter what face shape, eye shape, or skin tone, it is all about HOW you apply each step. Blending is very important; powdering your foundation is a very important step for staying power! I can go on & on with this question and I do in my new book! How to groom your eye brows, and to enhance your best features always. I feel women are afraid to go outside of the box and try professional ways of application. There is no simple answer to this question it is all too important! CM: 5 must have songs you need to have on a photo shoot play list.
AV: Music is everything! It sets the mood, the tone of the moment & the day. It inspires me even while applying makeup on my client face! I love all kinds of music. Pamela (Anderson) and I get very inspired by songs from older days like Sinatra and Broadway hits like Chicago. We also love to listen to the sound track from Burlesque the movie!
But if I had to pick, wow this again is hard you are really a tough one Christina! Ok, top 5: 1) Anna Nicole’s favorite Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend. Whenever Anna was on set, there was always a Marilyn song on. Anna used to mimic her to a “T” and loved it so much! Shoots were always magic! 2) Where Have You Been by Rihanna, 3) Scream by Usher, 4) I Am A Good Girl by Christina Aguilera, and 5) Roxy- Chicago the Musical
CM: How did you get into working with Post-Op patients?
AV: I always had a desire to be a plastic surgeon, and went into the medical field at a young age. I worked in an ER for 2 years as a Nurse’s Asst. but because it was a small town, I did many tasks that the RN’s did as they were always under staffed! I learned a lot of hands on. Then I went to UCLA and got my EMT License. I was planning to move on up to a PA – almost a Dr. BUT I got accepted at the top makeup academy at the time Joe Blasco – and had come to a cross roads in my life. I had talent as a makeup artist and had been working as one from a very young age. I started at 16 years old and by the time I was 18, I was a full fledged working MU artist. I also had a huge need and desire to be in the medical field but I thought makeup would be a more positive environment for me long term. So after careful consideration, I did follow my destiny ( God’s guidance I believe he always knows what is best for us ) The rest is History! CM: If you weren’t in the hair/mu industry, what would you be doing?
AV: I am SO my ART and there is no separation I am Alexis 24/7- In other words I love what I do so much it is not work, it is my LIFE! This is not a job to me, it is my destiny. I can’t even answer this question properly, so please forgive me. There is no other answer- I was born and drawn this way. The only thing I can possibly think of would be the medical field and specifically plastic surgery. I love to make people feel and look their best! That is who I am.
CM: Your list of credentials goes on and on. Was there a specific event that you worked on that always stands out in your mind as a career highlight?
AV: Most definitely I would say all of it! Every job big or small, famous or not, I loved every single gig I have ever done; and fortunately I have a photographic memory so nothing or no one has ever been forgotten. So many stories here to tell I might have to write another book! When you have met everyone from the President of the USA, Mr. Bill Clinton to Sharon Stone, from Nancy Sinatra to Quincy Jones and so many in between. Whether it’s being at the World Music Awards hanging out with Usher and Janet Jackson in the green room sipping champagne, or having Avril Lavigne come up to me all excited to meet me and ask for a touch up before going on stage, I feel blessed. When Shakira flew me all the way to Germany (mind you, never having done her hair or makeup at all) but just because she wanted to utilize my services, I ended up with her for a month touring her European Concerts Tour of the Mongoose! 27 countries in 30 days. That was a huge highlight. Even she was star struck! This is when it is so bazaar to me when a real star gets all “Pomeranian” on me. That is when you realize “ I guess I have really made it “ and all the years of hard work, blood, sweat and a lot of tears makes it all worth it!! You realize how blessed you have been and that hard work, loyalty, integrity and confidentiality to my clients goes a long way.

“The Office” Star Gets Glammed for SAG Awards


We catch up with the hilarious Kate Flannery right before the SAG Awards ceremony as celeb stylist Alexis Vogel turns “The Office” star from drab Meredith to fabulous red carpet diva! Alexis also shares with us what the big make-up trends will be this season, and then Kate reveals to us some of her favorite episodes from her show’s incredible 9-season run! Hosted by Erika Ross (@erikaross_).

Ricki Lake Show – Makeup tips to looking younger


Afraid of going under the knife for a facelift or getting injections for your face and lips?  Makeup artist to the stars Alexis Vogel has the answers to a younger-looking face using makeup tricks.

In our Q&A with the renowned makeup artist, the recent The Ricki Lake Show guest shared her techniques to getting surgery-like results with makeup.

Is it possible to achieve the same results as plastic surgery but with makeup?

Absolutely. In my industry we call it corrective beauty. I believe you can get good results with makeup as long as you use the proper techniques. For example, you want the angles of your eyeliner to sweep up, pick a foundation that’s dewy–there are all kinds of tricks.

How do you transform lips to make them plumpier-looking?

A lip transformation using makeup is not painful and will give the same results as going out and getting your lips injected. All you need is some lip stain, pencil and gloss. We’re going to give her a pouty, sexy, sensual mouth. Even the celebrities don’t want to get the injections! And you don’t have to be afraid because you can always wipe it off in two seconds and do it again. It’s not permanent. This is my very own technique—no one else does this.

How do you transform lips to make them plumpier-looking?

A lip transformation using makeup is not painful and will give the same results as going out and getting your lips injected. All you need is some lip stain, pencil and gloss. We’re going to give her a pouty, sexy, sensual mouth. Even the celebrities don’t want to get the injections! And you don’t have to be afraid because you can always wipe it off in two seconds and do it again. It’s not permanent. This is my very own technique—no one else does this.

How about the eyes?  What other tips can you offer to help transform sagging eyes and brows?

It’s all about the eyes. And instead of getting an eyelift or brow lift or other surgery on the eyes I use a really easy cake eyeliner. Make sure you use the right angle and it’s essential to put on a corner lash. Here’s a nice trick—you can buy lashes and cut them in half. Women are afraid of lashes but you’ll get the same results as an eyelift surgery. It looks like they’ve taken 20 years off of them!

And how can you create the illusion of high cheek bones?

The key is using beautiful, light, shimmery powder—you want a lot of shimmer on the check.  You finger paint it o.  It’s like a cheek lift and it makes your face luminous.  

Alexis Vogel recently demonstrated her techniques on the “Extreme Beauty” episode November 14. Celebrities call upon Alexis to create their unforgettable looks for television, movies, commercials, print, and magazine for the past 25 years.

Elle Magazine – Beauty Transformation: From Sweet to Sex Kitten


When Vogel and her team arrive in my room at Hollywood’s storied Sunset Tower Hotel, erstwhile home to über-bombshell Marilyn Monroe, she takes one look at me and issues her first decree: “We need to work on those eyebrows.”

“If you look at the Guess models, they all have strong, well-groomed brows,” she continues, abolishing my strays with a merciless tweeze. “A perfectly arched brow is your anchor. It’s probably the thing that’s most important to creating a finished-looking face, but also most often overlooked.”

After prepping my skin with a light moisturizer (“Save the heavy stuff for nighttime—otherwise makeup won’t hold”), blending my complexion to perfection with foundation and powder (“I never apply concealer until the end—most people end up not needing as much as they think they do”), and winding my hair up into hot rollers (“twist each section before you roll it—that way you get touchable, not-too-perfect curls”), she sets to work plumping up my pout. “This is how Pammy got her lips,” she says, enhancing the contours of my mouth with a neutral pencil. She applies a stain, a layer of pale lipstick, a dusting of powder, and yet another slick of lipstick, before topping it all off with a baby-pink gloss. “It seems like a lot,” she says, “but you have to build a house first in order to get a really full, unbelievable lip.” Her handiwork speaks for itself: Not only are my lips positively voluptuous, they also look deceptively natural—I don’t think a needle-wielding derm could do a better job.

When it comes to the eyes, mere smokiness will not do: This is a look that requires bold, retro, winged-out cat eyeliner, and lots of it, which Vogel lavishes on my lids with relish. She then masterfully enhances my green eye color by sweeping an aubergine shadow into the sockets and tracing a copper-colored pencil along my bottom lash lines. For the finale, it’s falsies galore: She piles on so many lashes that I’m automatically given the heavy-lidded come-hither expression of a classic glamour girl, simply because I’m struggling to keep my eyes open. By the time my hair has been unleashed from the curlers and Vogel has added the finishing touches (she’s so distressed by my wardrobe’s lack of boob-boosting dresses and stilettos that she lends me some of her own silver jewelry so I’ll look “fancy”), I am no longer recognizable as myself. I gaze into the mirror completely flabbergasted: Who is this Photoshop-­perfect glamazon who stands before me? “See?” declares a jubilant Vogel. “There’s a bombshell in everyone!” And so there is.

As I pose for my “after” pictures, Vogel encourages me to loosen up and embrace my new alter ego. I feel like Ann-Margret in the 1966 film The Swinger, a good-girl writer pretending to be a sex kitten—and, like her, I start to ease into it. I remember advice given to me back in Florence by the latest Guess model (and, yes, Sophia Loren ringer), Alyssa Miller: “Becoming a Guess girl isn’t just about hair and makeup, it’s attitude. Be confident; walk like a cat.”

Sure, when I e-mail the photos to my boyfriend, his response—”Pardon me, Miss, can you point the way to the nearest Hooters?”—isn’t exactly what I had hoped for, and maybe I’d personally rather skew more Monica Vitti than Jenna Jameson, but I end up taking a lot away from my beauty boot camp with Vogel. Experiencing my own pinup potential made me feel surprisingly liberated. It also further increased my utter awe at the magical powers of hair and makeup: If I can be re-invented so completely, surely even some of cinema’s most epic beauties only reached their full potential through artistry such as Vogel’s. We’re all mere mortals, after all.

Not everyone can be an everyday bombshell (personally, I’m not so awash in free time that I can “build a house” for my lips on a regular basis), but it’s hard to deny the feel-good quotient that even just a sprinkling of fairy-dust glamour can provide. Since my encounter with Vogel, I’ve been regularly indulging in a sort of bombshell shorthand: a sweep of liquid eyeliner and a dab of pretty pink lip gloss are easy enough, and I’ve vowed to never let my eyebrows run wild again. I like to imagine myself at least incrementally closer to being the sort of woman who can enter a room with a thunderclap, like Anita Ekberg, or roll around in an unmade bed like a giggling Marilyn Monroe. Because even if I can’t quite walk like a cat, it sure is fun to prance like a kitten.

Who’s that girl?: The author au naturel (above left) and, after two hours in the hands of Alexis Vogel, bombshelled to the max (right). Photo: Isaiah Mays